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Jiří Lednej founded Jiří Lednej – DOVOSSTRANS company in Turnov in 1991 based on his long-term experience in the field of transportation, automobile repair and forwarding and 13 years later, in 2004, he founded another legal entity DOVOSSTRANS s.r.o. focusing on international and domestic truck transport and forwarding which uses its own environmentally-friendly EURO 5 vehicles with refrigerator and curtainsider semi-trailers.

Both DOVOSSTRANS companies are based in Turnov in their own premises with technical background and suitable storage area. They mainly deal with international and domestic transport, warehousing and forwarding including full loading of their own trucks as well as those of other companies.

They gained their experience namely in demanding transportation tasks in Scandinavian countries and countries of the former Soviet Union, including its easternmost part, as well as from humanitarian transports to former Yugoslavia at the time of Yugoslav war.

Offer of motor transport - DOVOSSTRANS Turnov

  • Transportation by 23 state-of-the-art
    105.460 XF EURO 5 tractors
  • three sided strickling curtainsider semi-trailers
    L 13,66m W 2,48m H 2,80m. /34 Ewp-25t/
  • refrigerator semi-trailers
    L 13,40m W 2,48m H 2,70m. /33 Ewp-22,5t/
  • DAF 45 LF flatbed trucks 45 LF
    L 7.40m W 2.48m H 2.60m /18 Ewp-7t/
  • DAF 65 CF flatbed trucks 65 CF
    L 8.10m W 2.48m H 2.60m /20 Ewp-10t/
  • DAF 55 LF refrigerator truck
    L 7.40m W 2.48m H 2.60m /18 Ewp-8t/

haulage – forwarding, mediation service and warehousing.
specialisation: I, ESP, PT, F, D, A, B, NL, GB, IRL, L.

Since 1996 all haulage companies have gradually switched their focus on Western and Northern Europe, with the highest share held by Great Britain.

Since 2001 we have been dealing with complete loads, light and heavy exports and imports, full and partial load shipments from more than one place, curtainsider semi-trailers and refrigerator semi-trailers mainly to and from Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

The success of DOVOSSTRANS is based on fundamental principles, such as reliability, punctuality and customer satisfaction.

In 2015 our company was awarded by AAA certificate .

Certifikát AAA

Certifikát AAA Certifikát AA Registr solventních firem


Projekt výstavby fotovoltaické elektrárny "FVE DOVOSSTRANS s.r.o." je financován Evropskou unií - NextGenerationEU v rámci programu Ministerstva průmyslu a obchodu, Národní plán obnovy, aktivita Výstavba nových fotovoltaických zdrojů. Cílem projektu je vybudování vlastní fotovoltaické elektrárny o velikosti 99,645kWp bez akumulace sloužící pro vlastní spotřebu společnosti Dovosstrans s.r.o.. Za pomoci využití obnovitelných zdrojů dojde k optimalizaci zajištění elektrické energie pro podnikatelskou činnost

Trávnice 680
511 01 Turnov
+420 481 312 525-6
+420 481 322 916


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